Informs APS 2023 - Nancy

The 21st INFORMS Applied Probability Society Conference will be held on June 28-30, 2023 in Nancy, France.

It was originally scheduled on July 7-9, 2021 and has been postponed due to the COVID epidemic.

The Informs APS conferences have a rich history of 20 successful international conferences, at the cutting edge of research in Applied probability, with applications to Operations research, Operations management, Networking, Finance, Biology and Statistical learning, among many others topics.

Click here to access the webpages of previous INFORMS APS meetings.

IMPORTANT: Some of us received an email from ops at travellerpoint dot org, offering help for planning travel and accomodation. This email is a scam, and it is important that no one follows these instructions. In general: no one will reach out directly to the participants for travel or accommodation.


Important: The registration deadline is Thursday, June 22.




Frédéric Chazal (INRIA Saclay)

Beatrice Meini (Università di Pisa) - Marcel Neuts Lecture

Sylvie Méléard (Ecole Polytechnique) - IMS Medallion Lecture

Sean Meyn (University of Florida) - Applied Probability Trust Plenary Lecture

Amy R. Ward (University of Chicago)



Marc Lelarge (INRIA Paris)

Sarah Penington (University of Bath)



Special Issue `Informs APS' of Queueing Systems: Theory and Applications

To celebrate a very successful post-pandemic return of the INFORMS Applied Probability Conference, we have organized a special issue for QUESTA centered around the focal topics of the 2023 APS Conference that took place in Nancy, France. All topics in applied probability presented at the conference are welcome, but we especially invite contributions that are centered around the broad research areas covered by the plenary talks and tutorials, which include:
* Reinforcement learning
* Service systems with reneging
* Community detection on graphs
* Branching random walks
* Matrix analytical methods
We encourage you to submit your original research to this special issue, which is meant to celebrate a memorable conference and an energetic return of the Applied Probability community after a four year pause.  

More information will be soon available on the QUESTA website






Please, click below to see the detailed program of the Conference as well as the Book of Abstracts !


Book of Abstracts

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